Duvet or Comforter

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Now that Winter weather is here, I can't wait to get in my bed and snuggle up at the end of the day.

Have you ever wondered what's better, duvet or comforter?

I asked myself the duvet or comfort question a few years ago when we moved into a new home. During our first November, we realized our master bedroom gets very cold at night and we needed warmer bedding. Since I had done my homework on the subject before, when Drew asked me on  Facebook, if he should buy a duvet or comforter I already had an opinion with experience to share. 

He also asked for my opinion on whether he should buy a sheet set or individual flat and fitted sheets and asked for suggestions on where to buy his new bedding.

I'm going to help you with the duvet or comforter question along with some other sheet stealing advice. 

A comforter is like a big soft flat bag, filled with an artificial or natural filling that's held together with stitching. Depending on how you like to sleep and what it's like in your home you can pick a light or heavy comforter. Comforters are intended to be layered with other blankets to keep you warm enough. The fabric on a comforter is dyed a color and some are printed with patterns. Some are reversible too which increases your options when putting your bed together. They also tend to be a bit longer than a duvet, meaning they get closer to reaching the floor.

Comforters are great too because you can throw them right into the washer. But definitely, use a washer big enough to accommodate their bulky size to avoid ripping, because I did just that. Imagine my disappointment when I pulled my happy new purchase from the washer and found a huge rip. Good news, I bought it for my guest room and its dark navy color hides my stitching well.   

Duvets are also like a big fabric bag filled with feather down or a down alternative and then held together with stitching, like a quilt, often in a regular square pattern. They come rated for different temperature needs. I have found my feather down duvet to be very flexible throughout the year. I put it on in the Fall and use it all the way through to the Spring. We stay snugly warm in the Winter and don't overheat in the Fall or the Spring.So the difference here is that a duvet is intended to be used alone with your sheets and with no additional layers of blankets needed. 

One of the most noticeable differences between a duvet and comforter is that you’ll need a duvet cover for your duvet. This is where you'll get your color or pattern from. To give you an analogy; a duvet cover is to duvet as pillowcase is to pillow.

Washing the duvet cover is very easy and I never worry about ripping my duvet cover. If you do decide to go with a duvet I suggest measuring your duvet cover and then buying your duvet two inches smaller than the cover. It will make your duvet look full, fluffy, and feeling luxurious.

Handy Comparison between duvet or comforter 

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What to buy and where?

As with a lot of things we buy, sets are usually less expensive than buying things individually. I personally like buying sheet sets, so my suggestion is to buy two or three sheets sets that coordinate with your duvet or comforter. You could go with all solids or if you're a pattern lover like me, it's best to use a mix of large to medium patterns alongside small patterns. Just like in fashion, mixing patterns looks best when the scales are different. Also, think about retaining some solid colors. Solids will give your eye a place to rest.

To give you a quick example you could buy a beautiful large patterned duvet cover and one solid color sheet set, and then to mix it up with one small pattern sheet set that both coordinate with your duvet.

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When I bought my duvet, The Company Store was recommended to me and I have to say I love what I have. If you have a contemporary style like Drew, I would suggest looking at West Elm and All Modern for your bedding. If you prefer white sheets Williams and Sonoma Home have some beautiful white sheet with lovely embroidered details on the edges.

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