Home Office Design for Continued Success

My Happy Client and His Family

My Happy Client and His Family

After my client earned his Ph.D. it was time to celebrate and invest in a new home office design.

This was my final installation of 2017. I was so happy that we could complete his home interior design project in time for a fresh start to 2018. 

I know it's not just me when I say, if your office or workspace is cluttered, your mind feels cluttered. You look at all the stuff and feel overwhelmed, how can you possibly do a good job in this crazy mess? The problem is, we often have no other choice but to ignore the crazy and make the best of what we have.

That's exactly the situation my busy client was in while working on his PH.D. The spare room he worked in was clutter with clothes, boxes, a bed, and books. His small desk faced the wall in a corner. So sad.

When he graduated and came up for air, caught up on sleep, and took a look around, he knew it was time to organize and get the furniture he really needed. With work from home privileges and a side hustle as a consultant, his home office design is a vital part of his personal happiness, productivity, and career success. Not knowing where to start and still very busy, he needed my help.

Home Office Design Dreams

  • A large and stylish desk
  • Ample storage space 
  • Closed storage for office supplies and documents
  • A comfortable place to relax, read, and reflect
  • Incorporating his transitional style bookcase, that has sentimental value, in with the modern style furniture that he prefers
Home Office Design Concept Board

Home Office Design Concept Board

Home Office Design Solutions

  • A desk that is floated in the middle of the room to allow for a flowing circular path of travel around the office
  • The desk faces the door giving him a position of power that can boost feelings of confidence and his productivity
  • Two tall modern bookcases were selected to flank his existing bookcase. Their simple style does not compete with his existing transitional bookcase.
  • The tall height of the new bookcases create a visual rhythm and a library-like backdrop for his desk
  • Paper and metal storage boxes were added for practical storage and difference in material interest 
  • A mid-century modern blue lounge chair added a fun pop of color and was positioned for views of the outdoors 
  • Transitional and modern styles of furniture were successfully married by adding a transitional end table to complement his existing bookcase.
Home Office Design Mood Board

Home Office Design Mood Board

We were able to install this project in one day with the help of my trusted handyman. As we moved along unpacking, building and placing his furniture, my client would pop his head in and tell us how he couldn't believe the difference and how much he loved his new furniture. When his wife came home from work, she exclaimed: "Oh no, now we're going to want the whole house to be redone just like this one".

Truth be told, I'm drying to accessorize his home office. This time around our focus was on resolving his furniture and storage needs. However, when it comes to accessories, I was able to frame and hang his PH.D. diploma, along with two pieces of art he loves. I also incorporate a beautiful variegated snake plant to bring a little bit of nature indoors. 

Now instead of walking into his office and feeling stalled at the door, my client is welcomed in by a desk he loves and wants to work at. Instead of feeling the weight of clutter, he has an open space that clears his mind for new ideas, focus and continued success.  

Investing in future comes in many forms. For my client, it was years of working toward his PH.D and now giving himself the right surroundings that will support him towards his future career goals.

If you have Home Office Design Dreams let's talk about how I can help you create the right space for your continued success.

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