How to Color a Happy Home

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A happy home is what we make of it.

Everything in our homes may not be perfect. I don't believe they ever will be perfect no matter how hard we try. Creating a safe, comfortable, and functional home are all great things to aspire to in our homes. 

Creating a happy home might be one of my favorite goals.

What does creating a happy home mean? It can mean a lot of different things to different people. One thing that has a lot of influence on creating a happy home is color.

Color has a language all to itself. The colors we choose for our homes shape our moods, affect our productivity, and influence our outlook on life. Scientific studies have shown a color they call “dunk tank pink” calms prison inmates. Color theory experts use color to express intentional messages we see every day in the things we buy and watch on tv.

Color has a lot of influence on how we feel.

It's important to ask yourself how do I want my home or this room to feel? 

Are the colors you’re choosing for your bedroom? These colors will probably be very different than the colors you might opt for your home office. There are no hard rules for answering this question. How a color makes you feel is unique to each person.  Although what color represents tends to have commonalities within a particular culture. Intertwined with our cultural experiences are our personal experiences over the years.

I recently heard an excellent example of a personal interpretation of color. I was at a Toastmasters meeting, and the prompt was “tell me about the color red.” The man who responded said red was emergency, caution, represented the devil, and that if someone likes the color red, they must be very angry. As I sat there listening, I was answering the question in my head.  I think of red as stimulating, exciting, welcoming, warm, and passionate. It’s interesting how different these interpretations are. 

When designing a home, it's all about creating your happy place. Considering the colors, you use in your home is crucial. They will make you feel a certain way even without being intentional. Somewhere deep in our subconscious, we make split-second associations with colors. For me, a sign of a successful design is that it makes you feel the way it's meant to. Color plays a significant role in that success.

How do you want your home to feel?  I often ask my clients this question. Sometimes they're struggling to put a finger on their style. Determining a feel can help us get on the right path. Other times I’m check in with my clients to make sure my design is achieving their desired outcome. 

There are four different answers I hear again and again. I'm going to go over each one and provide suggestions for how to achieve the most requested feelings through the use of color.

Sherwin Williams Shell White, June Day, Red Tomato, and Parakeet

Sherwin Williams Shell White, June Day, Red Tomato, and Parakeet


Going light and bright is one of the first steps to create a sunny, light-filled and happy home. Find ways to accentuate the natural light that you have as much as possible. There's nothing like sunshine to brighten your mood. More exposure to natural light will help your body absorb vitamin D. Which in turn can make you feel happier and calmer.

Warm whites
Not too cold or gray will give the illusion of a longer day and more sunlight.

Sunny and cheerful.  It creates a sense of optimism and spaciousness.

Adventure in wide open places. It's fresh and warm.

Ties to lush and open feelings of nature.

Sherwin Williams Rosemary, Banana Cream, Ravishing Coral, and Status Bronze

Sherwin Williams Rosemary, Banana Cream, Ravishing Coral, and Status Bronze

Laughter is one of the best ways to release stress and make you happy. Create a place where you can gather with your friends and family. Watch a funny program in the living room or talk over a good meal in the dining room. Togetherness is an excellent way to rejuvenate the soul.

Cheerful and welcoming to all those that want to bask and it's glow.

Inviting and full of life, a happy greeting to your family and visitors.

Dark Colors
Can feel cozy and comforting. Make sure you're getting enough natural light in the room. You don't want the dark colors to negatively impact your mood.

Used in a dining room, it can encourage your appetite and energize you for more conversation.  It also symbolizes love, something you share with your family and friends.

Sherwin Williams paint colors Primavera, Misty, Delightful and Eros Pink

Sherwin Williams paint colors Primavera, Misty, Delightful and Eros Pink

Life can be stressful which is why I think peaceful is one of the most requested feelings I hear. We all could use a stress-free environment where we can come home and relax. A place to escape and rejuvenate away from the world.

Cool colors
Calming and has a relaxing effect. Blue, violet, pink, and green are all soothing to the mind and create a soothing presence in your home.

Cultivates a feeling of trust that allows us to relax and be at peace.

It's tranquil and connects us to feelings of growth, and wellness.

Excellent to calm the nerves and allow for relaxation.

Sherwin Williams paint colors Nebulous White, Gold Crest, Majestic Purple, Positive Rd

Sherwin Williams paint colors Nebulous White, Gold Crest, Majestic Purple, Positive Rd

More people are working from home these days. A home office has become an essential for many. Others enjoy having a dedicated space for reflective thought. meditation, or reading. Some might find solace in a space for creative work like painting or writing. Depending on your desired focus the colors you choose can help you along. 

Blue and Green
Classic office colors many people find conducive to productivity and focus.

Says trust and communication.

Vitality and cultivating wealth. Green lifts the mood, lowers stress levels and can help you to become more creative.

Orange, Yellow and Red
Seen as a modern approach to an office space. These colors are stimulating and have an energizing effect. If you want more consistent energy throughout the day consider warm colors

Do the colors in your home suit you?  I recommend updating the colors you've outgrown.  We all evolve and change throughout our lives. If the colors in your home are not making you happy, it's time for a change. Ask yourself, how do I want this room to feel and use that emotion as your guide to start choosing a color palette.

If you want to dial up the happy home meter don't underestimate the power of color. 

If you’re thinking that you could use some help choosing your happy home colors, I'm here. I can help you choose the perfect paint color(s) with one of my paint color consultation services.