Think Vertically to Make the Most of Downsizing

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Making the most out of your space is especially important when you're downsizing.

Moving into a smaller space can create some challenges. There’s often insufficient space for all of your furniture, decor, and personal items. As in many small space challenges, going vertical is the answer. By using the vertical space you can use more of what you own and create much needed storage space.

Use these tips and tricks to inspire your downsizing into a new smaller home or next project.

  1. Put a bookcase behind your couch or chair for additional storage and display. The bottom shelves can become hidden storage that you only need access to on rare occasion.


2. A dramatic and practical solution to displaying art when downsizing is to create a tall gallery wall. Gallery walls can add a lot of character and a great conversation piece. Going vertical with your artwork also draws the eye up, making the room feel more expensive than it actually is. 


3. When you live in a small space, you have to get creative in all areas of your home, even those you can't see. If you're able to open up a wall, you can use the space between studs to gain excellent storage. If you're handy, this is a great DIY project, or you can get it done with little fuss by a contractor.


4. Plants not only improve the look of your home indoors but seeing a plant can subconsciously make you feel more calm and relaxed. Having less space doesn't mean you must get rid of your plants. Take them up the wall with a ladder or int a wall hanging planter. 


5. It might seem odd, but if you have large-scale art, don't think you need to get rid of it. Use large artwork to create a focal point, showcase your style, and even make the room feel more spacious. 


6. Downsizing can mean small rooms that lack space for two nightstands or side tables next to chairs. So where do you put a table lamp? Consider wall-mounted or pendant lighting. There are plenty of plugin options, no hardwiring into the wall required.

7.  Mirrors can make a small space seem more significant by maximizing the natural light you have. Place then near windows, tuck them into corners, doorways and in small areas like hallways. If placed at the end of a hall, a mirror bounces light back and makes a dark hallway look brighter.


8.  Pegboards are excellent for vertical storage. You can hang just about anything from them with total flexibility. Pegboards can also add a fun sense of whimsy to a small space while also keeping it very functional. Think about painting the board and mixing art with household items for a fun way to display what you love. 


9. Use chair rail ledges for framed art or personal items. Store extra decorative items and holiday decorations away and change them seasonally or when you crave a change.


10. Use hooks rather than a rod in the bathroom to keep towels off the floor. It's easier to hang anything on a hook then a rod and also allows for a bit extra storage in a small space.


11. Hang your curtains very close to the ceiling to make the ceilings feel taller.  You'll add height and some drama to your space.

If you take advantage of your vertical space, you’ll be able to use more of your precious space for the things you enjoy having in your home.  If you’d like to read more downsizing tips and tricks read my article