Flooring Dilemma Quickly Solved: From Worn to Wow

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When Tom and Mary called me, they wanted to change their first level flooring but felt unsure about what to choose.

They also felt hesitant about making the wrong color or style choice. After living in their 55 plus community in Coatesville for 11 years, their well-loved home had developed a few sore spots.  

They were also thinking about replacing carpeted areas with hardwood flooring. Then questions started to pop up. Would it look strange if they removed all the carpet? Should they replace the carpeting in a color that they like better? If they kept some of the carpeting where would the hardwood flooring start and stop? With so many questions, they turned to Google, and I was the lucky Interior Designer that they called.

Tom and Mary’s living room when we first met.

Tom and Mary’s living room when we first met.

When we met in their home, Ted lead me into a lovely open-concept space with beautiful views of nature. Upon walking into the house, the well-worn hallway carpet Tom described was clear. He leads me into the kitchen, where Mary confessed to her unfortunate choice.


“The builder pressured me to make the kitchen flooring decision too fast. I made a snap decision, and I've always regretted this choice”.


To Mary, its mottled appearance always looked dirty. No amount of scrubbing could change it. Now that the carpet had to be replaced this was her opportunity for a new, cleaner-looking kitchen floor.

After they gave me a tour of their house, we sat down to discuss priorities.  Tom and Mary's priorities included:

  •  Wood or wood-look flooring

  •  Easy to clean

  •  Low maintenance

  •  Cushioning to make standing easier ( she likes to cook)

  •  Slip Resistant

  •  Minimal transitions between carpet and hard flooring

Vinyl Plan Wood Look Flooring

Vinyl Plan Wood Look Flooring

We decided wood look vinyl plank would be the best option. I put together a plan for our next steps. First I did some preliminary shopping at a trade showroom in King of Prussia. I brought my samples to their home before we left for our shopping day. We looked at the samples alongside their kitchen cabinets and furnishings. This allowed us to narrow down our focus for our shopping day ahead.

We decided that a traditional smooth finish in a medium shade of brown would work well. We then hopped in the car to their favorite Coatesville flooring store. We explored other options and confirmed their selection after a tasty lunch break.  

We went back to their home to take one last look. We had a new flooring winner!

I then went back to my studio to create three different photographic renderings. Each view illustrated a different way to layout the flooring. Now they had all their answers.  

  • They knew what material to buy and why

  • what style and color will work well in their home

  • Where each type of flooring would stop and start

They called their favorite Coastsville flooring company to measure and estimate their project. Then it was just a matter of waiting for installation day.

Tom and Mary’s living room after the installation of the new flooring I helped them choose. .

Tom and Mary’s living room after the installation of the new flooring I helped them choose. .

After the installation, I called to catch up and find out how they liked their new flooring.

Tom said,


“We needed new flooring, you really listen and look at things from the "big" picture. You made sure everything ties in together and your renderings went a long way to help make decisions. Our final choice was what you recommended. Indicating to me that you were really listening”.


Working with an Interior Designer doesn't mean that you must commit to a whole room of new furniture. It also doesn't mean spending several thousand dollars either. There are a lot of smaller projects that can become confusing and more time consuming than they have to be.

For example, choosing a vanity, tile, and flooring for a bathroom remodel. In this case, you might like a personal shopping like Tom and Mary.

If your feeling itchy for a change an in-home design day would do the trick. We can do things like move furniture, hang pictures and choose a new paint color. I'll make the most out of what you have to give it a new fresh look.

A professional Interior Designer can help get you on the right path with a plan to complete a home project.

For example, a woman in Toms River, New Jersey contacted me for an in-home design day. She had recently gone through some difficulties, and it was time to take care of herself again. She decided to give herself the gift on an Interior Designer to help make a few small changes.

I helped her sort through her ideas and chose paint colors. We talked about how to rearrange her furniture and what to shop for in the future. I hung artwork that had been sitting on the floor for ages. Then measured for curtains and marked where to hang them on the wall. After our day together, she had a clear path that she could tackle without all the second-guessing.

A painting I hung for my client in Toms River, NJ

A painting I hung for my client in Toms River, NJ

No matter the size of your project, I can help you! A great way to get started on your project is to buy a 4-Hour block of time. You can use your time any way you'd like. It could be for an in-home design day, a shopping trip, or to kick-off a project and continue as your budget allows. You can always buy more blocks of time or sign a contract with me for a full-service Interior Design project.

It all starts with a design Discovery call. Click the button below, Fill out my contact form, and I'll get back to you within 24-48 hours.