Naturally, all projects are different, but I follow the same nine step design process for all of my projects. It helps me stay organized, dot the I’s and cross the T’s. I’m always improving my process to provide the best possible experience and outcome for the one that matters most in the design process, YOU.

I bring a new perspective and guide you through the process of envisioning and realizing the best version of a beautiful and supportive home. I am happy to work with items you already own or start from a clean slate.

Design Planning Phase

1. Design Discovery Call & Initial Design Consultation

  • I want to learn more about the project you have in mind and answer your questions.

  • If you’re ready at the end of our call, we’ll schedule your initial design consultation.

  • I’ll send you my Interior Design Questionnaire and suggestions on where to find inspiration images to share with me


2.  Contract and Welcome Letter Review & Document your space(s)

  • We’ll go over my contract and my welcome letter.

  • I’ll document your space with measurements, photographs, and video. Now I can draw a to-scale floor plan and elevations of your design.

3. Trade Day

Including contractors early in the project can save on design time and prevent heartaches later in the process.  


4. Schematic Design Meeting

This is a visual presentation that lays the foundation to create your perfect space.

  • Schematic design includes concept, floor plans and when needed a design program.

5. Design Solution Meeting 

During this meeting I will present you with everything we'll need to achieve your project goals and wishes.

Your Design Solution May Include:

  • Paint or overall color palette

  • Elevation drawings of each wall so you can see what it will look like

  • Window treatment design drawings for fabrication

  • Cabinetry design drawings

  • Material and finish samples

  • Area rug(s) or carpeting

  • Carefully curated furniture selections

  • Lighting

  • Mood board that shows you how everything looks together

  • Contractor estimates

  • Installation timeline

  • Renderings

Your presentation can also include renderings. This is an optional service I love creating for my clients.

6. Revisions

I will make revisions to the design that you have requested. I’ll gage what the best course of action is and give you an estimate on how long revisions will take after we meet.

Project Management Phase

7. Project Administration

Depending on the service you have selected, I will take care of this phase or you can choose a do it yourself option.

  • Installation, construction, or renovation

  • Purchasing, expediting, and logistics


8. Delivery & Design Installation

  • This is the most rewarding part of the design process; seeing all our hard work and planning come together in front of your eyes.

  • This phase can also include accessories and final touches.


9. Project Closure Meeting

We’ll meet to discuss your project. 

  • You’ll receive a project binder with all of your drawings, material samples, product information, and warranties.

  • The final invoice


It's time to invite people over to see your new and much-improved space!