Naturally, all projects are different, but I follow the same design process for all of my projects. It helps me stay organized, dot the I’s and cross the T’s. I’m always improving my process to provide the best possible experience and outcome for the one that matters most in the design process, YOU.

I bring a new perspective and guide you through the process of envisioning and realizing the best version of a beautiful and supportive home. I am happy to work with items you already own or start from a clean slate.

1. Design Discovery Call - 20 minutes.

  • I want to hear about your project, answer your questions and we'll get to know one another a little bit.

2. Design Questionnaire and Inspiration Gathering

  • I'll send you a design questionnaire so I can learn more about you, who shares your home, your lifestyles, likes/dislikes, needs, and design dreams. 
  • To learn even more about your preferences you'll gather pictures of rooms you love and share them with me.

3. In-Person Design Consultation - 2-hours

  • We will meet in person to discuss your design dilemmas.
  • I'll document your design dilemmas with photographs, videos, notes, and dimensions.
  • We'll look at your design questionnaire and pictures of rooms you love together. Now that I understand your project, I'll get back to you shortly with my design contract.

4. Meet to Review the Design Contract

  • I'll go over my contract with you and answer any questions you may have. The contract lays out everything that will be included in your design project, a timeline and budget. 
  • I also collect a deposit toward design services.

5. Planning and Design

  • Depending on your design dilemma, I'll prepare all the necessary drawings for things like a furniture floor plan or cabinetry installation. I'll also carefully curated the perfect mix of items you'll need like furniture, fabrics, flooring, fixtures, paint or wallpaper.
  • This stage could include meetings with any needed contractors.

6. In-Person Solution Presentation

  • This is a visual presentation that shows you all the drawings, a mood board with your perfect mix of furniture and samples of fabrics, flooring, wallpaper etc. along with contractor estimates, a timeline, and total cost estimate to achieve the desired design result.

7. Purchasing

  • Depending on the service you have selected either I will take care of purchasing and receiving or you will receive a clickable shopping list so that you can shop as your time and budget allow.

8. Design Installation

  • This is the most rewarding part of the design process; seeing all our hard work and planning come together in front of your eyes.

It's time to invite people over to see your new and much-improved space!