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Room Planning for a Move

You're moving into a new home and have no idea where your furniture should go. Or maybe you're not sure if all your furniture will fit in your new home. You certainly don't want to pay the movers to bring furniture you can't use. Moving is so time-consuming and you want to move in and move on with your life. Months or years trying to pull it together is too long.

Picture moving into your new home knowing it's going to look great before you unpack. Arrive with a lighter load and no worries about extra furniture that becomes a task to get rid of.

Room Planning for a Move will guide you through the layout and styling of your new home in Philadelphia or on the Main Line.

I'll help you celebrate this new chapter in your life with less worry and a lot less work. Relocation Room Planning transforms the overwhelm into easy moving day confidence.


I hired Susan Rains Design to help me with downsizing from a larger home to an apartment. She is a patient, good listener who provided structure and discipline during an often chaotic and emotionally charged time.

Barbara M. in Swathmore, PA 


Working with me is as easy as

Share Your Vision

Meet with me to discuss your particular needs and dreams for your home.

Develop the Design

Together we’ll create a plan for your living space that matches your vision.

See the Transformation

I’ll arrange all the details of installation, with your approval.

To start the process, schedule a Design Discovery call with me.

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Room Planning for a Move is billed for at my current hourly rate when moving into a new home, downsizing or combining households.

If you are moving into an apartment in a independent living community I have one flat fee design packages just for you.

It all starts with a design discovery call and followed up by an initial home consultation for $167.


Considering everything involved with moving, it's a huge relief to take room planning off your mind. I'll personally guide you in making the most out of your new space. I'll start by using what you already own. When I see areas that could use a little work or special touch, I’ll make suggestions so your home is it’s most comfortable, beautiful, and functional.

Room Planning for a Move is perfect for anyone moving in Philadelphia or on the Main Line:

Moving into an Apartment in a Independent Living Community

I have three levels of service to suit your needs.  

Downsizing into a Smaller Home

Has it been years since you've moved? Do you feel stuck when thinking about sorting through a lifetime of possessions? Maybe you don't know where to start and could use some hands-on help. I'll help you make decisions about what to keep and what to give away, sell, or donate and choose your best options.

Moving into a Larger Home

Are you moving to a different home and know you'll need more furniture to fill out the space? I'll help you decide where to invest for a comfortable, well organized and functional home.

Combining Two Households

Are you combining two households and want to make sure your not duplicating items? I can help make the transition smoother by making sure you're both bringing what you need and want in your new home.  

Go from overwhelmed to a sigh of relief on moving day. I'll even be there on moving day to direct the movers and realize your perfectly planned rooms.

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Susan provided me with a furniture layout, paint colors, design ideas, and very useful specific suggestions for painting and carpeting contractors. In addition, she provided email support that was very helpful.

She has professional knowledge well beyond anything at my disposal and I recommend her to prospective clients who need help with making moving decisions and planning for their new home.”

Barbara M. in Swathmore, PA 

Do you have questions? Check out my FAQ section or better yet, book your Design Discovery Call and we’ll chat.